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14 x Cat's Grass (Dactylis Glomerata) Small 2cm pre germinated Plant Plugs PLUS 200 seeds



200 FREE seeds will be added to your order. This is so you can plant another pot up to be growing on for later on a sunny windowsill.


Generally CAT GRASS is sown from seed into pots and germinated for your cat to enjoy. Sometimes you just need something ready grown and these 2cm plugs are purrfect (sorry) for that, you don’t need to wait a few weeks for them to mature as they are ready to pot on straight away. You won’t get as much and they might be short lived but your cat should find them a treat.


Especially for your pet cat, Cat's Grass (Dactylis Glomerata)


The young grass leaves when eaten are said to help stop fur balls especially when your cat is house bound.


Cat Grass is a good aid to help add missing vitamins and minerals in your cat's diet.


Small pre-grown plugs measuring 2cm across.


Simply plant them where you want them to grow, either indoors or in a pot on the window ledge indoors. Anywhere your cat can approach it with safety.


It is highly attractive to cats as they enjoy chewing and rolling on it.


Allow 10-15cm of growth before introducing it to your cat, any smaller and it’ll only last a day!




The Dactylis grass is easy to grow from seed to increase your stock if you let the plants mature. They can also be mixed with wheat, oats and rye, which cats seem to like too.


Can also be known as Cocksfoot Sparta and orchard grass.


·         Perennial.


·         Best maintained at approximate 4" (10 cm).


·         Prefers partial shade.


·         Flat leaf blades.


·         Helps cats to cough up fur balls.


·         Full of folic acid, vitamins and minerals, essential for good cat health.




Medicinal Uses


Aids cats digestions.


Contains vitamins, minerals and folic acid essential for cats.


Restrict the cats’ usage if you think they are going a bit overboard with the amount ingested.   (It could induce vomiting so protect your carpets!)  Please consult your vet if you think your cat is deficient in any minerals or off colour.

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