About The Terracotta Pots

vintage plant potsVintage Seed pots collected over 70 years by a keen Irish gardener.

The pots are hand made with some dating back to the early part of the last century and have the characteristic rimless edge on the top in keeping with the Victorian fashion.

The pots were hand thrown at Ireland's oldest pottery called Carley's Bridge Potteries in County Wexford.

The pottery no longer makes these fine pieces which makes them extremely desirable and a great talking point in any garden.




TPots being madehere is a great historical video of the potters at work. The company was featured in a local RTE television programme in the early 1980's.


The dimensions are approximately 10cm (4in) high and 10 cm (4in) wide at the top tapering down to 7cm (3in) at the base although each pot is slightly different from the next.

Each pot has it's own unique finish, with potters fingerprints, slight bumps, and marks but I will ensure that there are no cracks or fractures before dispatch.

They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and what they can be used for is only limited by imagination. The white deposits are salt built up over the years. The pots can be brushed to leave on the weathering or cleaned with gentle rubbing and warm water. I am shipping them in packs of 6 which seems to be the most cost effective method for charge.





Here is a bit more information about Carley's Bridge Potteries:

History of Carley’s Bridge:

carley's bridge potsCarley’s Bridge was named after the Carley’s that first settled in Enniscorthy. Carley’s Bridge Potteries is Ireland’s oldest pottery, and one of the country’s oldest surviving businesses. They have an uninterrupted history of making earthenware pottery for over 300 years.

The Pottery was founded in the 1650′s by two brothers, named Carley from Cornwall, England. Seeking a suitable situation to establish a pottery, their first priority was a local supply of clay. This they found just outside Enniscorthy, in an area to which they later gave their name – ‘Carley’s Bridge’.

About six generations ago the only daughter of one of the Carley’s married a man named Owens, which is the family name to this day. The Pottery is famous for its long tradition of earthenware plant pots.

Many of the original products which were once made in the pottery such as bricks, tiles, drainage pipes and country kitchenware are still to be found in old farmhouses.

If you require less or more pots, please email me


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