Rupturewort - Herniaria Glabra

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Rupturewort - Herniaria Glabra  

12x 2cm Plug Plants


These small ground cover plants make an excellent alternative to grass for a lawn or between paving slabs.

The tiny leaves create a dense evergreen carpet, becoming bronze in winter.

The plants have tiny, vibrant green leaves and little clusters of tiny green flowers


Insignificant green flowers.

Easily divided in spring.

Tends to need watering during periods of extreme drought.

Sometimes used in formal carpet bedding schemes. Growth rate is fairly slow and easy to control.

In colder/wetter areas they are grown as an annual or short-lived perennial

Prefers well drained compacted sandy or gravelly soils, often with chalk or limestone fragments.

Native to the UK

Prefers full sun

Height x Spread / Trail: 6 x 15 cm

Temperature Tolerance: Can withstand winter conditions in well protected gardens.


More Information

Rupturewort contains Herniarin, which is a natural chemical compound. Chemically, it can be considered a methoxy derivative of coumarin or a methyl derivative of umbelliferone. People take rupturewort as a diuretic to treat urinary tract disorders, lung problems, nerve pain, gout, arthritis, fluid retention, and muscle and joint pain (rheumatism); and for “purifying the blood.” Consult a doctor or medical professional before processing the plants for internal use.



The small plug plants will be dispatched by first class post in an envelope with moist tissue. I'll pick the plants on the day you purchase and put them straight in the post. Please allow an extra day from the estimate on the postage page as the package is coming from Northern Ireland.

Please open the pack as soon as they are delivered. It is important to take the plants out of the container on delivery as they could rot with the lack of air circulation.

 They might look a bit stressed but will soon pick up when planted.

Quality Assured

If you have any problems with the plants or need any more advice about planting or aftercare please contact me.

The plants will be picked, packed and shipped on the same day, usually the day you order (if it's still light).

First Class delivery and recycled packaging is included in the price. The last posting of the week will be Thursday evening then I'll resume on the Monday morning. this will ensure the plants don't sit in the sorting office for too long.

Plants will vary slightly from the images.

I offer a money back guarantee if the plants don't arrive in good condition.Please send me a photograph of the plants and the postal arrival date for my quality assurance.


UK mainland and Northern Ireland only

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